Update May 2023:

The third quarter of 2023 we will be open to showcasing to potential partners, investors and stakeholders.

Whilst one of our founding goals was always to deliver a plug and play consumer product globally for use with XR, which we still fully intend to – this round of stakeholder focus will be those that are a fit with commercial omnidirectional hardware technology use case, manufacturing and supplier, and market channel focus.

If this is fit, do reach out and let’s talk.

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A soft Announcement.. of sorts…

The “missing link for a Fully Immersive Virtual Reality experience” is being able to naturally and with confidence walk and run around within 3D environments. It is considered the “Holy Grail of Virtual Reality” – but still lacking to date. MOTIVE is going to release its ground-breaking innovation in 2024 to deliver fully immersive virtual reality experiences.

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The technology shown at utilizes existing technologies and brings them together to solve the problem of being able to naturally and with confidence walk and run within 3D environments.

Our solution unlocks the freedom to walk and run freely and naturally within 3D Worlds on a uni-directional treadmill. From a fitness aspect it eliminates the “dreadmill” feeling perceived with work outs, and transforms it into a fun and exciting activity.

With the newsfeed of world headlines screaming METAVERSE, and many companies investing to be a part of the Virtual Reality community, that VR Headsets (CAGR is 30%) are affordable and the VR Market is projected to reach $81.09 Billion by 2028

World headlines are screaming METAVERSE with many companies investing to be a part of the Virtual Reality community. VR Headsets are affordable with an Annual Growth Rate of 30%. The VR Market is projected to reach $81.09 Billion by 2028 (source).

Meta is a big driver:


And these are some of the headlines from the last few weeks:

Today we are announcing Magnum Opus – our omni-directional treadmill technology.

This has been many years in the making… The “joy” of R&D lets you discover all the ways it cannot work,.. until you find the way that does. (There are other stories along the journey of solving this problem, but those are for another day.)

What this means is that people will be able to have this in their homes. A treadmill that lets you naturally Walk and Run in any direction, yes all Three Hundred and Sixty degrees,  just like you do in real life! Because being able to do so allows for proper and full immersion into 3D worlds.

This is what I have wanted to do since the age of 6 when I first looked through a view master and this is the level that VR should deliver.

Because seriously..!! pointing, holding and clicking hand thingamajigs, to being strapped into rigged platforms to be able to “walk” around in Digital Environments well that is not really immersive is it?!

From the on-set the criteria of this design had to meet;
•  feeling natural
•  being able to walk and run
•  for the home market (yes it will be available for the commercial markets too)
•  plug and play

So now the intent is to move forward on this journey, actively talking in public and seeking Partners to enable “getting this to market quickly”, this does involve this quiet kiwi to emerge into the public arena talking about it… a bit.., that then moves towards most everyone having access to fully immersive Virtual and eXtended Reality experiences – whether that is home gaming, location based entertainment, fitness, rehab,.. this platform will enable this.

Anyways,..  in closing this is the equivalent of the like to subscribe part of the post, if you want to be kept informed of the journey (I may even get brave and share via social media the experiences of a tech start up founder), and of course you read this far so you want to be first to know what, how,.. and more importantly the when.

Just like a computer needs a mouse, a TV needs a remote, XR needs an omni-directional treadmill.

If you are in a position of enabling this tech to market, just contact me direct – after all I am a Kiwi (a person from New Zealand). Whilst Kiwis tend to be quiet, we are easy to find, we don’t tend to hide behind layers of people and generally a friendly lot. According to Maori legend, it is the kiwi that takes care of the floor.

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Rachel Hatch, November 2021.

New Zealand Innovator based in Taipei.

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