Content Partners

Attention: VR Content

MOTIVE Realities is looking for Virtual Reality Content Partners for our walking platform.

Content that is suitable for Rehabilitation and/or Fitness applications.

MOTIVE Realities designs hardware and software solutions around XR technologies. Technologies that are focused on the ability to walk and run naturally within digital environments, after all who wants to point and click your way around when you can just naturally walk or run, thereby having a fully immersive experience.

MOTIVE turns dumb treadmills into smart tech enabling fun motion based interactive immersive experiences. Links to demos here and here


Applications and Expressions of Interest to:





A soft Announcement.. of sorts…

The “missing link for a Fully Immersive Virtual Reality experience” is being able to naturally and with confidence walk and run around within 3D environments. It is considered the “Holy Grail of Virtual Reality” – but still lacking to date. MOTIVE is going to release its ground-breaking innovation in 2022 to deliver fully immersive virtual reality experiences. Continue reading “MOTIVE Omni”