Professional Rugby League Footballer, Shaun Johnson being interviewed by New Zealand media after trying out Motive’s technology had this to say …

What Others have said:


“Better than other VR walking platforms I have experienced”

“Good, can also use with Mobile VR”


“I really like it”

“I love it”

“It feels Natural”

“Such a moving experience”

“It’s the first time I’ve been able to move with real belief inside a virtual reality environment with infinite room”

“Pretty Damn Cool”


“Very Impressive”


“Very Fluid”

“Leading Tech”

“Really Cool”

“Never seen anything like this before”

“I didn’t get motion sickness (Mobile VR) like I normally do”

“Amazing Experience”

“Pretty Cool”

“Has Great Potential”

“Felt Natural”



From observing people on the technology I created, from when a person puts on a headset they are somewhere else, the actual room and the people that are there cease to exist. The user is now somewhere else, walking around within that environment. They often say what is on their mind and often their response is "it feels natural" - that right there, that is my moment of truth.

Rachel Hatch | VR Innovator


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