MOTIVE Realities is an international startup based in New Zealand and Chinese Taipei. Our core competencies empower people to naturally walk, run, and immerse themselves in digital experiences.

We offer two innovative technology solutions:

  1. Immersive Software: Our software transforms Bluetooth-enabled treadmills into captivating experiences. We’re actively seeking partners—treadmill companies, fitness centers, and rehabilitation facilities—who want to enhance their market appeal and explore new markets.


2. Omni-Directional Treadmill (Hardware): natural freedom of movement in all directions. By appointment only.

Content Partners

Attention, Content Creators!

MOTIVE Realities is actively seeking Content Partners for our innovative walking platform. We’re particularly interested in content suitable for Rehabilitation and Fitness applications. Our focus? Enabling natural walking and running experiences within digital environments. Why point and click when you can naturally move and immerse yourself fully?

Currently, we utilize Unity-based content for immersive 2D and VR environments. Additionally, MOTIVE transforms Bluetooth-enabled treadmills into engaging motion-based interactive experiences.

Check out our demos here:

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