MOTIVE Realities is an International New Zealand and Chinese Taipei startup.

MOTIVE’s core competencies enable people to naturally walk, run and immersive within digital experiences.

Unlocking digital mobility; MOTIVE has 2 innovative technology solutions;

  1. Software that transforms Bluetooth enabled treadmills into captivating immersive experiences.
    • Right now we’re seeking partners (Treadmill companies, Fitness Centers, and Rehabilitation facilities) that want to increase their market appeal and access new markets.
  • For end users; Fitness and Rehabilitation evolve into thrilling adventures, as MOTIVE offers users a new dimension of engagement, so people meet their goals.


2. Omni-Directional Treadmill (Hardware). All natural all direction freedom of movement.

    • By appointment only.

Content Partners

Attention:  Content

MOTIVE Realities is seeking  Content Partners for our walking platform.

Content that is suitable for Rehabilitation and/or Fitness applications.

MOTIVE Realities is focused on the ability to walk and run naturally within digital environments, after all who wants to point and click your way around when you can just naturally walk or run, thereby having a fully immersive experience.

Currently we’re use Unity based content for immersive 2D and VR environments.

MOTIVE turns Bluetooth enabled treadmills into fun and engaging motion based interactive immersive experiences. Links to demos here https://youtu.be/yJ-R74I35WA and here https://youtu.be/-vyg3Ba7djY


Applications and Expressions of Interest to: Rachel@MotiveXR.com